Form for beams

We produce patterns for columns and beams that allow the use of toothed gears for free adjustment within the cross-section range from 300 to 800 millimeters. We offer molds from 12 to 16 meters long. The constructions have manual locking and allow for any positioning of the brackets. Additionally, forms provide contractors with the necessary ease of use, which assumes carpentry and reinforcement works from the "0" level.

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Form for stairs

Our patterns  are manufactured taking into account the greatest versatility and simplicity of construction, whose result is their reliability and adaptation to many projects.

Form for docks

Forms for concrete construction of docking docks are usually made according to the ordering party's guidelines, taking into account the greatest possible versatility. Forms can be made with all parallel and perpendicular walls, in this case we use a hinged opening insert that allows easy demoulding. We also make patterns with strictly defined dimensions with internal converging walls allowing for demoulding.