For 10 years now, we have been delivering effective technological solutions for companies in the precast concrete industry. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer

We have all the necessary certificates and qualifications related to the production and quality control of machinery and steel constructions.

We are proud that as one of the few Polish companies producing large-scale molds for the production of precast concrete elements, we can support and advance the precast concrete industry in Poland and Europe.

Our Company has been found to accomplish technological challenges created by building sector in Poland. Considering our motto We Help to Form Concrete, we construct tools to efficient and effective concrete forming. Our Frameworks are used by leading concrete precast manufacturers in Poland.

20 years of experience in steel constructions both precast concrete manufacturing allow us to create high quality products meeting the requirements of our customers.

In your offer you can find many types of frameworks for precast concrete elements and shuttering systems. We sill observe industry and answer our clients request that is why we can design, develop and create new solutions for precast concrete industry. We are open for new challange associated with precast concrete.

We help to form it!

01. Analysis

02. 3d Designing

03. Buliding construction

04. Delivery and assembly