Tilting tables

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MAGNA tilting tables are a reliable solution for producing flat concrete elements, providing all the necessary features for concrete precast technology. The maximum width of the forms produced can reach up to 4.5 meters, allowing for the production of virtually all types of walls found in the market. The lifting and lowering of the table are accomplished through a hydraulic system with manual or remote control


  • concrete walls
  • concrete sandwich walls
  • concrete slabs
  • other flat concrete elements

4,5 m

max. width

16 m

max. length

750 kg/m²

max. load


Side shuttering

  • Shuttering fixed

two different options:

full shuttering fixed - there is no need for wooden framework

shuttering with channel sections - to fulfill with wooden framework

The height of the fixed side shuttering depends on the client's specifications






  • Shuttering adjustable

The range of achievable adjustments extends from 100 to 400 mm height.






Szalunki mogą posiadać możliwość rozchylania się w celu łatwiejszego rozformowania i wykończenia elementu.

Vibration system

  • In our constructions, we utilize high-frequency vibration system

6000/obr ̄1 100Hz 400V 2,4A ensuring optimal efficiency in the production of concrete elements on tilting tables


  • Vibration system is optional

According to the client's requirements, the table does not need to be equipped with a vibration system, or it can be prepared for the installation of such a system in the future

Heating system

  • The installation of heating for the tilting table comprises a piping system

with the option of heating using either liquid or steam


  • Heating system is optional


Control panel

The control of the table's hydraulics and vibration system can operated:

  • wirelessly - remote control
  • stationarily from the control panel

Edge chamfering

An additional feature of the table could be

  • adjustable edge chamfering of the element - up and down


  • max. load 750 kg/m2
  • max. width 4,5 m
  • max. length of 1 table
  • Thickness of the table covering 10 mm
  • Accuracy of surface execution: 1.5 mm per 3 meters
  • CE Certification


Welcome to submit inquiries
Welcome to submit inquiries

We take pride in being one of the few Polish companies manufacturing large-scale forms for the production of precast concrete elements. It's our pleasure to support and advance the precast concrete industry in Poland. Collaborating with you allows us to embrace significant challenges, set new horizons, and forge a new chapter in the history of concrete